How to Apply

Step 1:

Fill out Pre-Loan Application

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of Southern California. *Please note: certain exceptions do apply.*

*Small Business Loan requests require the submission of specific documentation prior to receiving an appointment. Click here for more information

Step 2:

Meet with a Loan Analyst for a brief personal interview.
Complete a short, two-page application form and installment note.
Take the statement of comaker form and installment note to qualified co-signers (co-signers must be in CA, over the age of 25 with a steady source of income and a strong, established credit record.).

Step 3:

Have co-signers complete and sign the statement of comaker form(s) and original installment note.   Copies or faxes will not be accepted.

Return application and other necessary documents to JFLA by mail and allow seven-to-ten days for processing.

Step 4:

When a loan is approved by the Loan Committee, a check is issued directly to the borrower and can be picked up or mailed to you.

Step 5:

Begin making monthly payments approximately 30-45 days after the check is issued until the loan has been completely repaid.

Got a question? Please visit the FAQ section.

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