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The Jewish Free Loan Association provides a way for people struggling with the daily demands of life expenses to catch their breath, gain their footing and rise. Our interest-free loans — for emergencies, education, healthcare and more — have an immediate and tangible effect on borrowers’ lives, making communities stronger. Through our dedicated and generous supporters, the Jewish Free Loan Association expands opportunities for success, transforming futures and improving countless lives.

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Julie started a new chapter in her life, one that would enable her to provide for her children’s future. After her husband passed away, she faced a daunting challenge: returning to the workforce to support her two children, ages three and 20. While she looked for a job, she needed money for rent, food, gas and childcare. The Jewish Free Loan Association provided Julie with a critical loan of $1,000, which she paid back in full and on time. Ten months later, she began developing an idea for a new business selling pottery, and she applied for — and received — additional Jewish Free Loan Association support.


Michael was able to put a roof over his head thanks to the Jewish Free Loan Association. He was on disability, but could not scrape together the funds necessary for a security deposit. He searched for resources that might be available to someone in his position, but found none — until he discovered the Jewish Free Loan Association. We offered him a $350 loan, an amount that covered his security deposit on a low-income apartment in West Hollywood.


For Alonso, a loan from the Jewish Free Loan Association was a game changer. He worked as a trained phlebotomist, drawing blood from patients for clinical and medical testing. A divorced father of a nine-year old, he helped support his child. A family emergency required him to deplete his savings; shortly thereafter, he received a substantial invoice from his dentist. Alonso reached out to the Jewish Free Loan Association for assistance with his rent, utility and dental bills; our help allowed him a measure of stability as he rebuilt the cushion he needed to afford daily living expenses.


Cheryl was a single mom trying to make ends meet in Los Angeles but she could not go to a private lender because of her bad credit, which would have enabled someone to take advantage of her precarious situation. Cheryl was disciplined about staying on top of her expenses, but recently found herself in a situation that became financially unsustainable. She sought our help — and received the crucial relief she needed. Cheryl and her children are doing fine thanks to the Jewish Free Loan Association!

Names have been changed to protect the borrowers’ privacy.


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