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The Los Angeles Rent Moratorium Is Almost Over: Are You in Need of Rental Assistance?

Rent assistance recipient family cooking in their home

What happens at the end of the rent moratorium?

In a report issued by Zillow in 2018, about 65% of Los Angeles’s residents rent their homes.

Many residents were pleased to see local officials respond to Coronavirus induced job and income loss by issuing emergency orders to ban landlords from evicting tenants who can’t pay their rent. The local moratorium remains in effect until June 30. The question remains – then what?

Will the order be extended? Will local officials make funds available to both renters and property owners? Will property owners continue to make alternative arrangements? Will huge numbers of tenants be evicted?

It is a complicated discussion, but one that will need to be solved. In the meantime, many local residents do not know what they will do when back rent becomes due.

Interest Free Loans Available To Help Renters

JFLA can and will help. Interest free rental loans are available for those who can’t pay their rent.

Recently, JFLA helped Christina, a single mother to two growing sons. Prior to March, 2020, she had been working full time as an administrative assistant. While everyone was at home, she was able to manage. But, once she was called back to the office, she did not know who would care for her boys while she went to work. Without school and afterschool programs, she could not afford to pay for childcare. Luckily, her boss agreed to let her work part-time from home. But with her hours cut and her income dropping, she got behind on her rent. Her boys went back to school in February and she is now back to work full-time. However, she was still behind on rent and she did not know how she would come up with a few thousand dollars.

One day while chatting with a colleague, she learned about JFLA. Christina applied for an emergency loan to help her pay for her back rent. The fear she carried all these months while she worried about an eviction was real. The loan she received from JFLA has allowed Christina and her family to stay in their apartment and brought some much-needed stability to their lives.

JFLA offers up to $15,000 to the residents of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to help with rent. For more eligibility information and to start your application process, click here.