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The Burden of Medical Debt

Doctor's office interior, father in need of non-profit medical bill assistance

Medical debt is a widespread problem that is affecting millions of Americans. According to new research published in JAMA, collection agencies held $140 billion in unpaid medical bills in 2020. People who are stuck with medical debt face precarious financial situations and have to make sacrifices in other areas of their lives. They cut their spending on food, clothing, and other basic household items, increase the amount of their credit card debt and deplete their savings. Clearly medical debt is a situation that should be avoided at all costs.

Interest Free Loans Available to Help with Medical or Dental Bills

If you have a medical or dental issue, are uninsured, underinsured, have to meet a deductible, or are faced with unanticipated expenses, an interest free loan from JFLA can help. Not only do our loans have 0% interest, they have no fees of any kind. We are not a bank - we are a nonprofit whose mission is interest free lending, and we’re here to help our borrowers with manageable monthly payments.

Take Tim, for example. Tim’s car accident left him with severe back pain. The only thing that relieved his pain was going to see his chiropractor, an expense his insurance didn’t cover. The sessions with his doctor helped Tim get better, but also left him with a large bill. Money was already tight, and Tim didn’t know how he could afford to pay this bill along with his car payment, rent, and other expenses. Fortunately, a friend told Tim about JFLA, and he was able to get a no interest medical loan with affordable monthly payments. Tim was able to pay his chiropractor and keep up with his other expenses.

JFLA is a nonprofit organization serving all residents of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties regardless of race, religion, or gender. We offer interest free personal loans up to $15,000 to help with medical or dental bills. Click here to see your eligibility.