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Mother and daughter enjoying security from a non-profit emergency short term loan

Emergency Loans

Coronavirus Financial Assistance
The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit us in so many ways.
Rental Assistance
JFLA offers interest-free emergency loans to Los Angeles County and Ventura County residents in dire need of rental loans and housing assistance.
Emergency Loan
The Help You Need with an Interest Free Personal Emergency Loan from JFLA Unforeseen events are a part of our daily world, and in many cases, the cost to manage these unexpected events is more than we can afford on our own.
Medical Loans
Get the Care You Need with a JFLA Interest Free Medical Loan It’s estimated that almost half of the US population has outstanding health-care debt from a medical loan.
Dental Loans
Get the Care You Need with a JFLA Interest Free Dental Loan A simple lost filling or root canal can cost hundreds of dollars, but braces and dental implants can cost thousands.
Domestic Violence Victim Loan
Victims of domestic violence can turn to the Jewish Free Loan for assistance up to $15,000 for transportation, relocation, or other actions to ensure their escape from a dangerous environment.
Transportation Loans
Get Where You Need To Go with a JFLA Interest Free Transportation Loan Access to reliable transportation is essential for nearly everyone in Southern California, as the ability to own & maintain a car can have a huge impact on your financial livelihood.
Preschool Loans
If you or someone you know is struggling to pay for expenses related to preschool, JFLA’s 0% interest, no-fee loans can help.