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The Help You Need with an Interest Free Personal Emergency Loan from JFLA

Unforeseen events are a part of our daily world, and in many cases, the cost to manage these unexpected events is more than we can afford on our own. When emergencies happen, there is somewhere you can turn to get financial help. JFLA’s emergency loans are here for you when an unexpected expense or urgent situation has you in a bind. We offer you a better way to borrow & save money with interest-free loans that have no fees.

Why Choose JFLA for Your Online Emergency Loan?

As a non-profit organization JFLA helps people of all religions and all races by offering interest-free personal loans to help with things like unexpected expenses. JFLA personal financing to help you pay for what you need, when you need it, and can be used for a wide variety of urgent needs:

  • Appliance repair / Urgent home repair

  • Childcare

  • Housing security, monthly rent, moving expenses, security deposits, Section 8 housing, first and last month’s rent, basic furniture, and more.

  • Other urgent needs

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How Can JFLA Offer Interest Free Emergency Loans?

Because JFLA non-profit that focuses on providing financial aid to those in need & does not operate like a bank, our loans have no fees of any kind and offer affordable monthly payments that can help you get back on your feet.

To be eligible for a loan, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;

  • Have a state-issued California ID i.e., a driver’s license;

  • Be employed;

  • Not have a current loan with JFLA;

  • And be a resident in the county of Los Angeles, Ventura, or Santa Barbara;

  • Have proof of need for a loan, i.e., a letter from your landlord, a bill, an estimate, or other written documentation showing how the funds will be used.

Additionally, all borrowers must have a qualified guarantor. One guarantor will allow you to borrow up to $7,500. With two guarantors, this limit is increased to $15,000.

see table below

District Total Business Education Emergency Lifecycle
District 3 Sheila Kuehl 1,515 150 601 661 103
District 2 Holly J. Mitchell 1,223 76 448 613 86
District 1 Hilda L. Solis 640 35 120 469 16
District 5 Kathryn Barger 245 15 76 133 21
District 4 Janice Hahn 245 26 53 156 7

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How Can I Get a Personal Emergency Loan with JFLA?**

Apply today and become one of our** success stories**:**

I was behind in my rent. I would have had to put the amount onto a credit card with high interest. JFLA really helped me out! I only gave it four stars above because the 5th star would not let me select it. Thank you so very much for helping me in a rather desperate time of need. I didn’t think that there was help for someone with bad credit, but thanks to JFLA, I was able to pay the rent for my senior mother and myself, we live together. A million thanks! Really. Chris

Between inconsistent work during the pandemic and the need to offer care and assistance to my elderly parents, I fell into significant credit card debt. JFLA helped me pay off those loans so that I’m not losing an enormous amount of money on interest payments. Jewish Free Loan Association saved me from potentially serious, further financial difficulties, and that I am truly humbled and grateful for receiving their generosity.Matthew

I needed a loan to help pay rent and utilities until I could get an income increase from a second job I was starting. It helped me from getting eviction notices. I’m so grateful for your generosity at a time when I was in a financial hardship, waiting on child support and income increases. As a single mom, nothing is more important than making sure my kids have a safe home. I can’t thank JFLA enough for helping to ensure that safety for them.Terri

I needed a loan through my divorce process and job loss. It helped me survive during a horrible financial crisis when I had nowhere else to turn. I now have a well-paying job, my divorce is final, and the kids (19,20,21,22 & 29) and I are all doing much better- I’m trying to put back the pieces and rebuild myself. I’m eternally grateful for JFLA. I just want to say how very grateful I am to have received help at the worst possible time in my life. Separation, divorce with 4 teens still at home (initially) the situation was difficult and now I’m making my way to the other side. So many thanks.Bonnie

My paperwork wasn’t processed correctly with the Los Angeles County Tax Assessors office. The parent to child tax transfer form was not processed which threw off everything. Once restored things are getting better. My children and I greatly appreciate JFLA for giving us the opportunity to get out of a financial struggle. JFLA saved us from losing our home. There was no way I could pay $14,000 in taxes but the $4000 allowed me to pay the mortgage for 4 months until the problem was resolved.Char

Want more information on our loan process? Check out the resources below to learn more:

Relief from Emergency Expenses is Just a Call Away

Since 1904, JFLA has aimed to help those in need achieve financial stability by providing them with access to interest free, no fee loans. Our loans are for individuals and families, whose needs are urgent and who may not qualify for help through normal financial channels. If you’re struggling to get back on your feet, see if you qualify a loan today.

Email us at info@jfla.org or call 1-844-JFLA-ORG (1-844-535-2674) to get started.