Thanks to a generous gift from Alan and Emily Feit, Jewish Free Loan can address the needs of individuals and couples in Southern California struggling with infertility, in vitro fertilization bills, and expenses, by providing them with interest-free loans of up to $15,000. Two guarantors with steady income and good credit are required for these loans.

Jewish Free Loan hopes to relieve the financial burden that mounting expenses related to in vitro fertilization can place upon families struggling to conceive.

This generous cornerstone gift from the Feit family marks the first specific fund designed for this purpose, and will enable the agency to reach more individuals and couples in need in the community.

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At Jewish Free Loan, we rely on guarantors instead of collateral to secure your loan. A guarantor is someone who can guarantee to pay back the loan if you do not. A guarantor is at least 25 years old, lives in California and has a credit score of 680 or better. A friend, family member, or employer are examples of a guarantor.