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The Difference Between JFLA’s Non-Profit Loans and PayDay Loans

Your Credit Score Will Cost You

Do you know your credit score? You should, because it often determines how much you’ll be paying for a loan. A score lower than 670 and you’re going to be forced to pay an outrageous rate for your loan. That goes for carrying a balance on your credit cards as well. When you receive a loan from JFLA, your credit score doesn’t affect your loan interest rate because there isn’t an interest rate. All of our loan recipients are treated equally, ZERO interest for all.

The Real Cost of That Money

If you get a loan from any number of payday type loan outfits, or when you borrow on your credit cards, you will be charged up to 30% interest. As you can see here, on a $6,000 loan, that means you’re paying $3,170 in interest. We think that is simply unfair. You just don’t kick someone when they’re down, you lend them a helping hand. That’s why JFLA loans never charge interest. So your monthly payment is much lower and you pay off the loan sooner.