Jewish Institutional Loans

Jewish schools, synagogues, community centers, social service agencies, summer camps, mikvahs, youth organizations and senior centers are the heart of the Jewish community. They all require substantial funds to keep them going.

Loans up to $100,000 are available for unexpected expenses, infrastructure repairs or improvements, furniture, equipment, technology, building expansion and security needs.

Three guarantors including at least one member of the institution’s Board of Directors and two donors are needed for loans up to $100,000.
Guarantors must have steady income and good credit.

Executive Director of the institution must sign the note.

Institutions required to market JFLA to their constituencies. This may include a write up in their agency e-newsletter to appear a minimum of three times, distribution of flyers in appropriate areas, liking JFLA social media pages, placing posters in their building supplied by JFLA.


Loans are considered on a case-by-case basis and can be up to $100,000. Each applicant presents individual circumstances to be considered by the Loan Committee.

  • Organizations must be permanent residents of Los Angeles or Ventura counties;
  • Agency must demonstrate need and have the ability to repay the loan;
  • Two guarantors are required on each loan;
  • Agency representative must submit required documentation by mail to the Jewish Free Loan Association office (address below) prior to receiving an appointment.

Print, complete and submit:

  • 501C3 status
  • 990
  • Total contribution for last 3 years
  • Operating budget for last 3 years
  • Tax ID

Institutional Plan Cover Sheet

JFLA Institutional Plan Guidelines

  1. Cover sheet: Date of submission to JFLA. Full Legal Business Name. Service offered to the community. Year & Month founded.
  2. Statement of Purpose: Who specifically is requesting the loan? What is your relationship to the institution? What will the loan be used for? Please be specific (proof of need will be required)
  3. The Agency and Its Operations: How long has your agency been in existence? Describe specifically the services that you provide. Describe the location and size of the facility.
  4. Marketing: Does your agency charge for services rendered? Describe your advertising and marketing plans. What client population do you serve? How many clients do you serve annually?
  5. Financial: Provide the current year-to-date and past 2 years profit & loss statements, year-end balance sheets and cash flow statements. Describe your insurance needs, and your current coverage. What are your additional sources of funding?
  6. Agency Mission: What is the mission of your agency? Describe what makes your agency unique.
  7. Appendix: Please include the following with your cover sheet and questionnaire: Last 2 years of agency federal tax returns, last 2 years of agency state tax returns, last 6 months of business bank statements, reference letters and any other information you believe would strengthen your plan.

Thank you and we hope JFLA will be able to assist you in your ventures.

Institutional Plan Guidelines up to $100,000.

Dispute Resolution Agreement

Please send your documentation to:
Jewish Free Loan Association
Small Business Loan Program
5429 Lindley Avenue
Tarzana, CA 91356

Or, if you’re interested in a jewish institutional loan, fill out a Pre-Loan Application

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