Student Loans

We have lent over $8 million interest-free dollars to more than 3000 students.

You are eligible for an interest free loan if:

  • you live in Los Angeles
  • you are a full-time student
  • you have someone who can vouch for you
  • you are any race, religion or gender

Here are the details so you can get started:

Max Loan Amount Renewable Guarantors Full Time Minimun GPA
Undergraduate Education $10,000/year 4 times 2 Y 2.5
Professional Graduate* $10,000/year 4 times 2 Y 2.5
Liberal Arts Graduate $7,500/year Up to $25,000 2 Y 2.5
Community College $3000/year 1 time 2 Y 2.5
Technical or Vocational** $3000/year 1 time 2 Y 2.5
For Profit School*** $3000/year 1 time 2 Y 2.5
Homeless Students $5000/year 1 time 1 or 2 Y 2.5
Israel GAP Year Experience $5000/year 1 time 2 Y 2.5

*Professional Graduate includes medical, dental, architecture, engineering and rabbinical.

**Includes Certificate programs

***For-Profit schools are assessed on a school-by-school basis.


Student loan applications for the Fall 2019 Semester are due June 14th, 2019. Applications will be reviewed in August.

Any student needing a loan during the Fall semester should request a general loan and information by contacting

Or, if you’re interested in a student loan fill out a Pre-Loan Application

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