Student Loans

Educational assistance is a priority for Jewish Free Loan Association. Since the establishment of the first Student Loan Program in 1988, Jewish Free Loan Association has assisted more than 3,000 students with interest-free loans totaling more than $8 million.

We are proud to offer interest-free loans to students of all faiths in the Greater Los Angeles area. Loans are available for technical, vocational and trade school and undergraduate and graduate education. Loan amounts average $3,000, with reduced payments while students are in school, increasing three months after graduation. Students must be enrolled full-time with a GPA over 2.5 and two CA guarantors over 25 with a steady income and good credit. Please note: loan amounts and residency requirements vary depending on the program. One co-signer for any amount up to $10,000 and two co-signers for anything over $10,000

Larger, interest-free loans, up to $10,000 are now available for undergraduate students! Learn more

Loans are also available for Israel Experience Programs and Jewish teen tours.

For more information please contact Adina Kraus at (Valley Office) or if you are interested in our student loan program, fill out a Pre-Application today to get started!

We encourage you to visit Jewish Vocational Service’s website for information on their need-based scholarship program for Jewish residents of Los Angeles.

Jewish Free Loan Association is proud to offer student loans from the following Donor-Directed Loan Programs:

If you’re interested in our student loans fill out our Pre-Loan Application
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