Veteran Loans

An African American woman wearing a naval officer uniform holding her 5 year old son. The focus is on the little boy who is smiling and looking at the camera.The veteran populations, who have risked their lives for the ideals of the United States, need our help and support in order to navigate daily life. We see consistently in the media that our veterans face post-traumatic stress disorders, that many of them are homeless and that they have difficulty returning to civilian and family life. JFLA is ready to help with an interest-free loan.

Historically JFLA has served the veterans population through interest-free loans primarily for housing needs and specifically for Section eight security deposits. In recent years, Veteran’s requests from the JFLA General Loan Program have included interest-free loans for food and clothing, housing needs, basic transportation vehicles and repairs, medical and dental emergencies and vocational training.

The loan application process is simple and straightforward. JFLA housing loans are made for: emergency housing assistance to prevent eviction, security deposits for section 8 housing, security deposits for renters, and critical living expenses such as gas and electric utility bills and emergency repairs for homeowners.

Economic independence is the first step to rebuilding normal lives and veterans in emergency situations desperately need community support to improve their futures.

JFLA is alert to emergency situations that can alter the course of life and offers the General Loan Program for Veteran Emergency Housing Assistance.

If you’re interested in our veterans loans fill out our Pre-Loan Application
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