The 2018 Jewish Free Loan Stay-at-Home Gala

Jewish Free Loan Association Circle of Hope Tribute Dinner

June 6, 2018

Cocktails will not be served at 6pm. Dinner will not be served at 7pm. There will be no program at 8pm.

You will not need a new dress, suit, manicure, a babysitter, an Uber or the hours to pull it all together.

Instead, a loyal friend like you can support our gala event in the comfort of your own home by making a generous contribution. Gifts go directly to the programs that empower people of all faiths and backgrounds in Los Angeles County,

Please join us in honoring the extraordinary leadership and heartfelt commitment of our Board of Directors with a gift to support the life-changing work of Jewish Free Loan.

Vice Presidents:
Jordan Lurie
Leslie Aronzon
David Horvitz

Joel Glucoft

Anthony Sauber

Aron Abecassis
Mayim Chaya Bialik
Aaron Bloom*
Erwin Diller*
Linda Feinholz*
Alan Feit

Gerald Feldman
M. Bruce Gumbiner*
Stan King
James A. Kohn*
John N. Levi, Jr.*
Brandon Levin
Eileen J. Lewis
Alexa Margalith
Paul B. Shane
Bruce D. Sires
Victor Snider
Alan Spiwak*
Mitchell J. Stein
Tony Stern
Thomas Walsmith

*Past President

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