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In Home Healthcare

Loans for in-home healthcare needs and care giver support, are available for up to $10,000. You can get

Up to $7,500 employed with 1 guarantor

Up to $15,000 employed with 2 guarantors

Loans can be used for the care of all family members and may include things like

  • In-home care providers, nurses, or companions

  • Durable medical equipment and supplies

  • Home improvements, i.e., ramps and railings

  • Training and respite care for caregivers caring for patients or relatives with Alzheimer’s and Dementia or other

  • Fall-prevention home improvements i.e., installation of rails and ramps, automatic lights, kitchen and bathroom modifications, installation of fall sensor devices.

    For more information about our loan programs, contact info@jfla.org.

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