Student Loan Campaign

Knowledge Is Power:  Jewish Free Loan Association’s Student Loan Campaign

Educational assistance is a priority for JFLA. Since the establishment of the first Student Loan Program in 1988, JFLA has assisted more than 3,000 students with interest-free loans totaling more than $8 million.

Our interest in providing educational assistance stems from staggering statistics that show mounting student debts hurt the prospects of young people and the economy. There is evidence that young people are holding off on starting families and even buying cars due to student loan debt.

  • 40 million Americans have student debt
  • 7 million have defaulted on their debt, risking 25% penalties
  • Since 1999, student debt has increased more than 500 percent
  • The average salary for young people has decreased by 10 percent
  • The Federal Government made about $50 BILLION on student loans in 2013

JFLA wants to be part of the solution and provides interest-free loans to help access education for technical, vocational and trade school as well as undergraduate and graduate education. Funds raised for our new Student Loan Campaign will add to the list of existing loan programs previously established by philanthropic families who were determined to help students improve their futures by completing their degrees.

We are proud to offer interest-free loans to students of all faiths in the Greater Los Angeles area. Loans are available for technical, vocational and trade school and undergraduate and graduate education. Loan amounts average $3,000, with reduced payments while students are in school, increasing three months after graduation.

Students must be enrolled full-time with a GPA over 2.5 and two CA guarantors over 25 with a steady income and good credit. Please note: loan amounts and residency requirements vary depending on the program.

Did You Know?

  • Since the Student Loan Program was established in 1988, JFLA has made more than $25,000,000 in interest-free student loans.
  • Student loans now represent more than 50% of all loan activity for JFLA.



Our goal is to raise $10,000,000 that will provide an umbrella fund for all JFLA Student Loan Programs…. But we cannot do it without you!


Woman reading in a libraryWhy Is A New Student Loan Campaign Necessary?

JFLA’s Student Loan Programs are operating at 100% capacity, and tuition and fees at both private and public universities continue to increase each year. A readily available resource for new loans is essential as the need continues to grow. The escalating cost of education, combined with a slow economy, higher tuition, and high interest for government and private loans is making education impossible for all but the wealthiest families.

JFLA wants to do better for our community: we believe that every person deserves to further their education and reach for their dreams, and we are determined to do our part to help accomplish those goals!

How You Can Help

Donate Now

to Our Campaign

Your gift will help make a difference in the lives of students as they seek to further their education and strengthen their future. Each gift JFLA receives helps make a difference in the lives of others in perpetuity, because as loans are repaid, new loans are able to be made. We are grateful to our supporters who, year after year, recognize the incredible value of a donation to JFLA!

To learn more about our new Student Loan Campaign, please contact us today at 323.761.8830 or

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