Step 2: Meet With Us

We’ll discuss the loan process with you, help you fill out your paperwork, and give you a few documents to bring to your co-signer.

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Step 3: Complete and Return Your Paperwork

Have your co-signers complete their forms and return everything by mail or in person. We’ll process everything and contact you within 7-10 days.
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Step 4: Receive Your Loan

When a loan is approved by the Loan Committee, a check is issued directly to the borrower and can be picked up or mailed to you.

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Step 5: Begin to Repay

Begin making minimal monthly payments approximately 30-45 days after the check is issued until the loan has been completely repaid.

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Who We Are:

For more than 111 years, The Jewish Free Loan Association (JFLA) has provided a helping hand instead of a handout to hundreds of thousands of people through interest-free loans for emergencies, education, developing small businesses, healthcare, life-cycle events, and so much more. We offer assistance to people of all faiths facing financial difficulties, and we are proud to serve as a major financial resource for the community.

What We Do:

Today, JFLA grants more than 1,200 loans every year, with more than $12 million circulating throughout the community.  We are proud to maintain a repayment rate greater than 99%, enabling us to recycle those same dollars by assisting with another loan for a new client.

We believe that interest-free loans instead of charity encourage dignity and self-sufficiency.  Our work affirms the ancient biblical requirement for interest-free lending by offering assistance to people in need, with the goal of helping them to lead more rewarding lives.

Client Story

 “I reached out to Jewish Free Loan in 2014 when I was going through a difficult financial time. The loan analyst was very professional, pleasant & responsive when I met with her. I was very grateful for the financial assistance. I’m glad that Jewish Free Loan was able to help me. I know that they continue to help a lot of people daily through challenging times. Please acknowledge this organization for the inspiring work that they do.”

-Linda Kaplan

Emergency Loan Recipient

Video of 2015 JFLA Gala

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