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  • Introducing JFLA's Feit 4 Kidz Loan Fund

  • Small Business Loans

    We can help your business thrive
  • At JFLA, we give a helping hand...

    not a handout
  • Student Loans

    We can save you thousands in interest payments
  • Home Healthcare Loans

    Loans for in-home care providers & nurses, medical equipment, home modification needs, and more!
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The Loan Process: 5 Steps to a Helping Hand

  • home-paperwork

    Step 3: Complete and return your paperwork

    Have your co-signers complete their forms and return everything by mail or in person.  We'll process everything and contact you within 7-10 days.

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Fund a Loan

In an average week, JFLA provides more than $50,000 in interest-free loans to dozens of community members in their times of need. This is your opportunity to help as well!

Please consider helping us fund one or more of these real loans made over the past few weeks.

This Week’s Loans

  • $31,000 in Student Loans

  • $18,500 in Emergency Loans

  • $5,650 in Special Needs Loans

  • $11,400 in Life Cycle Loans

  • $44,500 in Total Loan Dollars were distributed this week