Celebrating 10 Years of Feit 4 KidZ

10 Years of Feit 4 Kids

Thanks to your generosity, over $4.5 million was lent in the form of 322 loans helping individuals and couples create families. JFLA conducted a survey and learned that to date, 66 babies were born as a result of a loan - and there are more on the way!

Our impact:

  • 59% of Feit 4 KidZ loan recipients who had IVF brought a child to term.
  • 65% of Feit 4 KidZ loan recipients would have relied on a credit card or other high-interest loan to fund their procedure or treatment.
  • Without a Feit 4 KidZ loan, 20% of participants would not have received any fertility treatment.

The Feit 4 KidZ Fertility Loan Fund fulfills a commitment made by Alan & Emily Feit before the birth of their son and daughter in 2012. After years of struggling to conceive, the Feits made a promise to themselves that once they had succeeded in becoming parents, they would do all they could to help other couples dealing with similar issues of infertility.

In 2013, the Feits partnered with JFLA to bring the fund to life. Individuals and couples can borrow up to $20,000 for IVF and other fertility treatments, all interest free with no fees, and a manageable repayment plan that is individually structured.

See how it all started:

JFLA Feit 4 Kidz Loan Fund from Scott Post on Vimeo.

You can help Feit 4 KidZ continue to provide interest free loans for the next 10 years. Please click “Donate Now” to make a donation:

It gave us the opportunity to have a baby. It gave us peace of mind to know we tried. It relieved financial stress. It made us feel cared about, it made us feel loved that strangers cared to help make our life better.Loan Recipient
We had been trying to have a child for a while. When it became clear that IVF was our best bet we were very concerned about how we would have been able to pay for it. I had recently started a business and my wife is a teaching artist, so we do not have a lot of savings. Once she found the JFLA we were hopeful and when we got the loan we were so happy and relieved. We ended up being able to pay for IVF which led to the birth of our son. Our family exists because of the Feit 4 KidZ loan and we couldn't be more grateful.Loan Recipient
The Feit 4 KidZ loan was a game changer for my fertility treatment needs, especially when I did not have insurance coverage. Without Feit 4 KidZ, I may not be able to do this treatment and fulfill this goal. Fertility services should be widely available to women and this loan helps with this. I am eternally grateful and hope that more women can take advantage of it.Loan Recipient
I have had the most incredible experience being a mom to my extraordinary - now almost 4 year old boy.Loan Recipient
We had gone through 3 stressful years of trying. Feit 4 KidZ made it easier for us to access the interventions needed to bring us Nora (our daughter). We are enormously grateful for the support.Loan Recipient
My wife, Andrea and I, Rex had been trying to have a child for 5 years with no success. IVF is costly and the Feit 4 KidZ loan made it possible to pay for treatments and not drain our life savings. it gave us peace of mind that we were covered so we could focus on the IVF process and not worry about the finances. We were able to have our daughter, Audrey who is now 15 months old and thriving.Loan Recipient
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