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Named Loan Funds

Every year, Jewish Free Loan clients benefit from the generosity of our donors, who collaborate with us to advance self-sufficiency and make a tangible difference. The contributors listed on the following pages help us serve men, women and children across Los Angeles, and we are grateful for their support. We also offer our deep appreciation to members of the Jewish Free Loan Board of Directors, our volunteers and others who invest in strengthening our community.

Business Loans

  • Abecassis Small Business Loan Program
  • Max & Anna Baran, Ben & Sarah Baran, and Milton Baran Small Business Loan Fund
  • Goldrich Family Foundation for Small Business
  • La Kretz Small Business Loan Program
  • LA Micro Lending Loan Program
  • Orange County Loan Fund/Chasin
  • Powell Family Fund for Women in Business Loan Program
  • Weisz Entrepreneurial Loan Program

Educational Loans

  • Abecassis Loan Fund for University of Santa Monica Students
  • Abecassis Student Loan Fund
  • Baran Macro Graduate Student Loan Fund
  • Becker Graduate Student Loan
  • Borun Student Nursing Loan Fund
  • Brandman Nursing Student Loan Fund
  • Desser & Schimmel Medical Student Loan Program
  • Edward Meltzer Student Loan Fund
  • Factor Public Health Students Loan Fund
  • Hirsch Family Art Student Loan Program
  • Israel Loan Program
  • Jewish Communal Students Loan Fund
  • Kohn Family Fund for the Arts
  • Kornfeld Accounting Student Loan Program
  • Lieblich Loan Fund for Music Students
  • Maurice Amado Foundation Student Loan Fund
  • Molle Macro Medical Student Loan Fund
  • Nurse Practitioner Loan Fund
  • Parvin Applied Education Loan Fund
  • Rautenberg Foundation Student Loan Fund
  • Rosslyn & Katherine Gaines Loan Program for Hearing Impaired Students
  • S. Mark Taper Fdtn. Environmental Studies Student Loan Fund
  • Schimmel Law Student Loan Fund
  • Silver Art Student Loan Fund
  • Snider Educational Loan Fund
  • Stein Student Loan Program
  • Ziering Family Student Loan Fund

Emergency Loans

  • Angell Emergency Loan Fund
  • Community Agency Fund
  • David and Janet Polak Foundation
  • Emergency Loan Program Fund
  • David & Janet Polak Foundation for
  • Emergency Loans
  • Emergency Relief Loan Fund
  • Fund for the Future
  • Jewish Community Foundation Loan Fund
  • Jewish Organizational/Institutional Loan Fund
  • Magnolia Place/Los Angeles MicroLending Loan Fund
  • Marilyn & Sigi Ziering Emergency Loan Fund
  • Marsh Gluchow Rachmones Loan Fund
  • Rose Weisstein Loan Fund
  • Rautenberg Foundation Emergency Loan Fund
  • San Diego Loan Fund
  • Santa Barbara Free Loan
  • Senior Emergency
  • Silbert-Goldman Women and Children in Crisis Loan Fund
  • Titelman Memorial Emergency Loan Fund
  • Veterans Loan Fund “Strawberry Jam”
  • West Hollywood Loan Fund

Healthcare Loans

  • Alzheimers/Dementia Care Loan Fund
  • Dental Loan Fund
  • Fall Prevention Loan Fund
  • Home Healthcare Loan Program
  • James Spada Loan Program for Person with AIDS
  • Kopelove Familly Home Healthcare Loan Fund
  • Ruth B. Ziegler Loan Fund for Children with Special Needs

Jewish Continuity Loans

  • Abby Sher Loan Fund for Life Cycle Events
  • Doberne Campership Loan Fund
  • Feit 4 KidZ Fertility Loan Fund
  • Fertility Assistance Loan Fund
  • First Time Home Buyers for Jewish Day
  • School Teachers Loan Fund
  • Ira Forest Family Loan Fund
  • Jewish Continuity
  • Lerner Adoption Loan Program
  • Matloob Wedding Fund
  • Zerner Family Day Camp Loan Program

Resettlement Loans

  • American Dream Program
  • Citizenship Loan Fund
  • Iranian Resettlement Loan Program

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