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Daniel was a freelance designer and art director with an innovative idea for a new business. He wanted to create a brick and mortar store that was at once a men's boutique, barbershop, gallery, and events space. He also wanted to build a community of artists, creatives, and innovators pushing boundaries with purpose in fashion, art and culture. By using the space as a boutique during the day and as an art gallery event venue on weekends, Daniel is able to attract a large demographic of people to turn his dream into a reality.

Offering haircuts is the bread and butter of the store and gets people in the door: “Beauty has a lot of influence on self-esteem and this business helps me offer that to my customers through personal care. I give a 50% discount to students and I wouldn’t have Saints without the loan for sure.” Using the space in a multi-purpose way is Daniel’s vision. It’s an idea that would not have taken off without an interest-free loan from Jewish Free Loan.

For entrepreneurs, it's the little things that create the vision.

JFLA Assistant