Car Repair Loans in Los Angeles to Keep You Moving.

Nobody walks in LA

For anyone who works in Los Angeles you know that without a working vehicle it is nearly impossible to get anywhere, let alone getting there on time. We just don't have the public transportation that some cities have. So we know the importance of having a reliable car or truck when your job takes you to Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Glendale or the San Fernando Valley. That's why we offer car repair loans with zero fees and zero interest. As a non-profit, our loan process is really simple: You borrow money and pay back the exact same amount.

We can help

All you need is a single guarantor to co-sign with you. We also offer a wide range of other loans like small business loans and school loans and emergency medical loans. These loans were created to help you fight the high costs of life in Los Angeles. So if you find yourself driving all over Los Angeles, anywhere from Santa Barbara down through the Westside, out to Riverside and even Orange County, and your car needs a little love and care, we may have the loan you've been looking for. You can learn more about auto and truck repair loans and JFLA by exploring our site. As a nonprofit loan organization, we're here to help.

JFLA Assistant