Zero Interest Loans in Los Angeles for When You Need Them Most

It happens to everyone

It's nearly impossible to plan for every one of life's little emergencies. And dental problems or other medical issues always seem to come up at the wrong time. Here at JFLA we've learned that sometimes having a little extra financial support is all you need to get through these challenges. So whether you need a visit to that doctor in Encino, the dentist in Santa Clarita or the surgeon in West LA, we're here to help. We offer emergency loans with zero fees and zero interest. We also offer a wide range of other loans from small business loans and auto loans, to help with paying for school. These loans were created to help you fight the high costs of life in Los Angeles. As a non-profit, our loan process is really simple: You borrow money and pay back the exact same amount.

You can borrow up to $7,500 with one guarantor and up to $12,000 with two guarantors. We also offer a wide range of other loans. So if you live in Los Angeles, anywhere from Santa Barbara down through the Westside, out to Riverside and Santa Monica, we may have the loan you've been looking for. You can learn more about emergency loans and JFLA by exploring our site. As a nonprofit loan organization, we're here to help.

JFLA Assistant