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JFLA makes loans, in part, thanks to the generosity of Cedars Sinai, LA City Council District 4 Loan Fund, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

Small Business Eligibility

For the best user experience, we recommend filling out the application on a computer and using Chrome. We are at info@jfla.org if you need help.

Small business loans are available for start-ups, expansions, renovations, employee salaries, and more.

You can get

Up to $7,500 with 1 qualified guarantors

Up to $36,000 with 2 qualified guarantors


  • You are a permanent resident of Los Angeles or Ventura county.
  • You have credit scores of 580 or better, can demonstrate need, and have the ability to repay the loan.
  • Your guarantors have good credit and steady income.
  • You submit all documents electronically to JFLA before your virtual interview.
  • You understand that a loan application is not automatically approved and is subject to review by the JFLA Loan Committee.
  • non-profit organizations are not eligible.

For more information about our loan programs, contact info@jfla.org.

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