Crystal and her daughter

JFLA has been an absolute lifeline for me and my children during our darkest days. When we had nowhere else to turn, JFLA stepped in with compassion and support that truly changed our lives. Despite facing numerous obstacles – from homelessness and unemployment to bad credit and domestic violence – JFLA treated us with dignity and understanding. They didn't just see our struggles; they saw our potential.

Thanks in part to the JFLA loan, I was able to secure a restraining order against my abusive husband and find meaningful employment as Director of Operations at Matte Collection. But perhaps most importantly, JFLA made it possible for my eldest daughter, Nalani, to pursue her dreams of higher education. She's now on track to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology this December, while my middle child, Cheryl, is preparing to start her own undergraduate journey this August.

JFLA's financial assistance also supported my son in getting the help he needed for his autism diagnosis. Today, despite life's inevitable challenges, we're all in a much better place, and I owe so much of that to JFLA. Their unwavering belief in us, their willingness to say 'yes' when others said 'no,' has made all the difference. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, JFLA, for being our beacon of hope in our darkest hour. The organization's kindness and generosity will never be forgotten.

JFLA Assistant