Denise at work

The Wellness Bank, an orthopedic and sports therapy office serving the Manhattan Beach community, has been under the leadership of Denise Chyette for the past 15 years. Like many businesses, The Wellness Bank faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. While deemed an essential healthcare facility, clients were hesitant to come in person, prompting Denise to temporarily close operations for 8 weeks in order to restructure the business and transition to telehealth services. Despite these efforts, expenses continued to mount, with delays in client insurance reimbursements, and ongoing rent and utility bills. Recognizing the need for additional support beyond the government's PPP assistance, Denise turned to JFLA.

In 2020, Denise secured a JFLA small business loan, which proved instrumental in revitalizing The Wellness Bank. With this financial support, Denise was able to negotiate a new lease agreement with her landlord, extending her time in the space while reducing costs. Additionally, she was able to hire a new therapist, a crucial addition as business surged upon full reopening.

Four years later, Denise returned to JFLA to refinance her loan to facilitate a move. With her lease expiring and medical space in Manhattan Beach limited, Denise faced the decision of remodeling an outdated office or relocating to a new building. Fortunately, she found an ideal location, and the loan will cover expenses such as contractor fees, security deposits, and essential upgrades to medical and office equipment.

Thanks to JFLA's support, Denise and her staff have been able to not only sustain but also expand and enhance The Wellness Bank's services, furthering their commitment to serving the community. The partnership between JFLA and Denise reflects a shared dedication to making a positive impact and helping others in need.

JFLA Assistant