Donor - Dr. Robert Boostanfar

Dr. Robert Boostanfar

Dr. Robert Boostanfar's relationship with JFLA began in the 1990s when he was in medical school. To help cover costs for his degree at the school of medicine at USC, Dr. Boostanfar took out an interest-free loan from JFLA. Since medical school, Dr. Boostanfar's medical practice in the field of infertility has become incredibly successful. He has been published in numerous publications, including People and Vogue Magazine and the Journal of the American Medical association and Fertility Sterility, and has made multiple television appearances on shows such as Good Morning America, CNN, KTLA, and CBS. Additionally, he has received numerous awards and accolades for his remarkable work.

Within the JFLA family, Dr. Boostanfar is most recognized for his relationship with Emily and Alan Feit. As the couple's doctor, Dr. Boostanfar helped make their dream of becoming parents a reality. After the birth of Emily and Alan's twins, the couple felt compelled to give back to others struggling with infertility. Working closely with Dr. Boostanfar, the idea for the Feit4KidZ loan fund was born. Dr. Boostanfar played an instrumental role in developing the fund from the medical professional side. By leveraging the resources of the HRC fertility conglomerate and fertility pharmacies and donating significant time and resources personally, he garnered support and spread awareness about the fund to physicians throughout the area.

Since the creation of the Feit4KidZ loan fund, over 300 families have received financial assistance on their journey to parenthood. JFLA is deeply grateful for Dr. Boostanfar's generous contributions, which have not only benefited the JFLA community but also the broader medical community.

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