Take a Break.

Do you walk with your phone? Shop with your phone? Dine with your phone? Do you do anything without it? Kim didn't. She was hooked on her phone all the time and even during a 45-minute spin class she was anxious at the thought of not having access to her phone. But then she had an A-Ha moment and the idea for lilspace was born.

The lilspace app gives you 'a little space' to do things without your phone. The app encourages you to take a break and make time for real-time connections. It helps motivate you by linking the act of unplugging with supporting worthwhile causes and great rewards.

With a background in nonprofits, Kim needed to hire people with technology skills to bring her idea to fruition. She applied for Startup LAunch SBDC, a program through Bixel Exchange , which helps founders launch and scale sustainable companies through one-on-one mentorship, specialized workshops and access to their vetted entrepreneurial community. They referred her to Jewish Free Loan as a means to help fund her small business idea.

The interest-free loan that Kim received to help start her business enabled her to hire the necessary consultants in social media, public relations and engineering to get her app where it is today.

lilspace in the news:

Download the lilspace app today and take a break from your phone!

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