Lorin and family

Hello, my name is Lorin. Recently, my family and I have faced significant financial challenges, causing me immense stress. In November, my husband underwent open-heart surgery to correct a deadly aortic aneurysm. This surgery was crucial, as without it, his life was at risk. Meanwhile, I was on leave from my job at LA Superior Court due to a work-related injury, which resulted in my health insurance becoming inactive due to insufficient earnings.

Discovering that we had no insurance at my husband's pre-op appointment was a shock. I had been unaware of the option of COBRA, assuming it was only for completely separated employees. Learning of it at the last minute meant scrambling to come up with a significant amount of money. Barely managing to secure the surgery on schedule, we were plunged into a financial crisis.

Before the $2600 COBRA expense, we had a financial buffer. However, after that, we struggled to stay afloat. Mounting bills, coupled with misinformation, exacerbated our situation. The pressure intensified when I needed $1400 to avoid car insurance cancellation by the deadline. Additionally, both car registrations were due, with mine already late. Furthermore, I had to allocate a significant amount of money to settle legal matters following my father's passing in January 2024. Amidst all this, my son's chance to attend Camp Fox, a YMCA camp on Catalina Island, hung in the balance due to a $1000 fee by July.

Financial stability seemed like a distant dream. The Jewish Free Loan Association (JFLA) crossed my mind, recalling positive feedback from my time at the Jewish Women's Center. Applying for the loan was a turning point. Initially overwhelmed, meeting with Chaya via Zoom infused me with hope. Her empathy and guidance not only lightened my burden but also restored my optimism. Despite uncertainty about loan approval, her support created a sense of security, offering respite from suffocating stress.

Navigating a "catch 22" situation, where our income disqualifies us from assistance despite genuine need, felt frustrating. The loan from JFLA provided much-needed relief. It lifted a weight off my shoulders, allowing us to maintain essential services, fulfill obligations, and provide for our family. I'm profoundly grateful and compelled to praise the remarkable work of JFLA. Their support is invaluable, and I'm eager to pay it forward when circumstances permit. From the depths of my heart, thank you. Thanks to JFLA, we can weather this storm and emerge stronger. Bless you all!

JFLA Assistant