Marlene Edward


Marlene T. had embarked on a profound journey to build a family alongside her husband, enduring countless trials over the years. Their desire to start a family led them down a path marked by uncertainty and disappointment, yet their unwavering determination remained unshakeable. Despite undergoing hormone treatments, fertility drugs, and IUI, success seemed to evade them at every turn. Their insurance coverage limited their options, leaving them unable to explore alternative treatments due to financial constraints.\

In the midst of their struggle, Marlene's mother-in-law, recalling her own positive experience with a JFLA loan, suggested they reach out for assistance in covering the expenses associated with IVF. With this newfound support, Marlene and her husband found renewed hope and determination.\

Their resilience paid off tenfold when, after a decade-long journey, they welcomed their son Evan into the world. As Evan approaches his first birthday, reflecting on the past year evokes a profound mix of exhaustion and overwhelming gratitude within Marlene and her husband. Every smile and giggle from Evan serves as a poignant reminder of the hard yet rewarding path they've traveled.\

For Marlene, motherhood is a journey marked by persistence and resilience.  It's about advocating fiercely for her child, as she did when Evan battled pneumonia and contracted RSV at just four months old. It's about refusing to relinquish their dream of parenthood, even in the face of a decade-long struggle.\

For ten years, Marlene and her husband demonstrated unwavering perseverance on their journey to parenthood. JFLA takes immense pride in having played a pivotal role in their remarkable story to becoming parents.

JFLA Assistant