Marshall Mend went from being a high school drop out to a multimillionaire in a journey that started with the Jewish Free Loan.

In 1960, when Marshall was 20 years old, his mother took him to Jewish Free Loan to take out a small business loan. He borrowed $5,000 and started Country Meat Company, a restaurant supply business. As his new business grew he came upon an opportunity to segue into the high end meat delivery business, selling directly to the consumer. United Steaks of America was born. Marshall found success in selling boxes of steaks door to door and from office to office at wholesale prices. His steaks were gourmet cuts. He grew his business to four locations and trained over 1,000 sales people.

Today, Marshall is writing a book of inspirational quotes called "Words of Wisdom" that can show his readers how to be happy, healthy, successful, wealthy and wise.

The loan of $5,000 was all it took to change Marshall’s life. He is a big believer in paying it forward and has committed to donating every year to Jewish Free Loan.

JFLA Assistant