It's almost unimaginable to live in Los Angeles without a working car. After 11 years, Sherri's car broke down while she was in the process of interviewing and looking for a job to support herself. Her car was paid off, but she didn't have the money to buy a new one and make payments. She also did not have the funds to pay a mechanic to fix the car.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, Sherri turned to Jewish Free Loan for an interest free loan that enabled her to get the car fixed.

Driving her newly repaired car, she went to an interview and landed a well-paying job. The car also enabled her to attend a networking event where she met her husband!

The interest-free loan allowed me to sleep at night. It allowed me to stop walking around and looking at the checkbook for a magical solution. It was a realistic way to address my financial needs.Sherri

JFLA Assistant