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Borrower Stories

Borrower Stories Santa Barbara
Thank you to our incredible guarantors. You are our heroes.
Starting a bakery business is as tough as kneading dough.
Daniel was a freelance designer and art director with an innovative idea for a new business.
Emily & Gregg
“We had no idea that IVF doesn’t always work and that our infertility journey could continue on.
Five years ago, Fariba was excited to share the news to her coworkers that her son had announced he would be getting married.
Jonathan & Elise
Jonathan and Elise always knew they wanted to adopt a child, to get one child out of the system and give that child a chance at having a better life.
Take a Break. Do you walk with your phone? Shop with your phone?
Kira grew up in a single-parent household. Her mother was widowed and had gone back to school herself, so she worked hard to help pay for college.
Mandi & Lior
Mandi and her husband Lior imagined that starting their family would happen easily.
Marshall Mend went from being a high school drop out to a multimillionaire in a journey that started with the Jewish Free Loan.
Everyone wants to go to school, receive a great education and have a successful career.
The diagnosis of cancer and the subsequent treatment takes a tremendous toll on a person.
Shelly first came to Jewish Free Loan as a student. Jewish Free Loan’s student loan empowered her to get a degree in speech pathology.
It’s almost unimaginable to live in Los Angeles without a working car.
Wade & Lindsay
Lord Windsor Coffee started out as a dream to bring exceptional coffee to Southern California.
Beginning your freshman year in college comes with its own set of challenges, but when tragedy strikes, earning a degree can feel unattainable.
Orthodontics is my way of being of service and I would not be where I am today without the Jewish Free Loan.
Steve wanted a way to provide comfort to children with serious illnesses who have to leave their homes to go to the hospital.